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Book Reviewing 101 – You can do it!

Book Reviewing 101 – You can do it! Anyone who has had any contact with an author knows they’re often desperate for reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and basically anywhere reviews can be posted.  Readers are sometimes hesitant to post a review because they feel an expectation to write something lengthy […]

Two weeks – A Photo Review

The last two weeks have been busy ones so here are a few photos to show what I’ve been up to. I attended Conclave 3, the New Zealand National Convention for fans of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror.  I had a great time participating on panel discussions on indie publishing and […]

Random Thoughts: How would magic impact insurance?

Imagine the implications for liability insurance if magic was real… The insurance broker clicks his pen and looks the client over. “Just so you know, we can’t cover you for pre-existing magic so you need to make a declaration. Have you ever been diagnosed with magic?” “No, never,” says the […]