Random Thoughts: How would magic impact insurance?

Imagine the implications for liability insurance if magic was real…

The insurance broker clicks his pen and looks the client over. “Just so you know, we can’t cover you for pre-existing magic so you need to make a declaration. Have you ever been diagnosed with magic?”
“No, never,” says the client.
“That’s good. Have you ever had reason to get tested for magic? Talking to snakes? Waking up levitating? That sort of thing?”
Client shakes his head. “Nothing like that.”
The insurance broker ticks the box on the form. “Excellent. Any family history of magic?”
“Um…my grandmother was a fire mage. Does that count?”
“Oh.” Insurance guy sucks a breath in through his teeth and puts the pen down. “Okay, so you’ll still be covered but you need to know that your excess will be higher in the event of fire magic.”
“Yeah. Statistically, fire starters and telekinetics in the under 25 age group make a lot more claims. And we don’t cover high school proms. Ever. You should make sure any school you attend has a Carrie clause in THEIR policy, just in case. Do you agree to those conditions?”
Client nods. “Yeah, I guess.”
The broker smiles and picks up the pen. “Great. So now we just need a signature and a drop of blood and we’re good to go.”

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