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I’m making audiobooks! It’s finally time. Everywhere I meet with readers, I’m always asked whether my books are available in audio format. I’m thrilled to say it’s finally happening. It’ll be a process but I’m starting with Currents of Change. I have a Kickstarter up and running to help with […]

Battle’s Legacy is live!

Battle’s Legacy – Agents of Kalanon book 3 – is live! You can get your copy now from Amazon. Stalked by a foe that has eluded them before, Brannon and his team face a threat they fail to understand. People are dying by magic in ways reminiscent of the war. […]

Battle’s Legacy available for preorder now.

You can pre-order your copy of Battle’s Legacy now! Release date: December 1st, 2020 Pain darkened Brannon’s vision but his ears filled with the low, menacing growl of a predator. He wasn’t alone in this trap. Stalked by a foe that has eluded them before, Brannon and his team face […]

A Reading from Kalanon’s Rising

A Reading from Kalanon’s Rising As part of QuaranCon2020, I did a short reading of Kalanon’s Rising. You can listen/watch it here:


QuaranCon2020 Did you catch QuaranCon2020 when it was on? Thanks to Covid-19, many of our usual conventions have been cancelled or postponed but this one was created specifically to fill the gap. There are topics like Gender in SFF, Magic Systems, Planning Vs Plotting, and so many more! If you […]

SPFBO5 Final Results – SPFBO 6 is coming!

SPFBO5 Final Results – SPFBO 6 is coming! After many months of excitement, the final results from SPFBO5 have come in. For those who don’t know what SPFBO is, it is an annual contest for self-published fantasy books in which 300 books are entered and split amongst 10 judging blogs […]

Fixing the Broken Machine

Fixing the Broken Machine So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here or looked at my website much, to be honest, and it seems things have broken down a bit during my inattention.  The email form on the contacts page hasn’t been working and there are a […]

SPFBO5 is Underway – AND MY BOOK IS IN IT!

SPFBO5 IS UNDERWAY – AND MY BOOK IS IN IT! What the heck is a SPFBO5, you ask?  Excellent question! The brainchild of Mark Lawrence, SPFBO stands for Self Published Fantasy Blog Off and is an annual competition for books in the fantasy genre.  300 books enter, only one survives. […]

Cosplays I’ve Seen This Year

Cosplays I’ve Seen This Year So I get around to a few events where those of us who love to get our geek on let the fandom flags fly.  Armageddon, Supanova, GeyserCon, etc.  One of my favourite things about about these events (aside from meeting wonderful readers) is getting to […]

Tip Your Henchman

Tip Your Henchman You know what bothers me in movies and books?  When the villain slaughters one of his head henchmen for stuffing up in a minor way.  It makes no sense.  I mean, I know you’re a bad guy but with the cost of recruitment and training new staff […]