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Movie Review – Ghost in the Shell

Movie Review – Ghost in the Shell Full disclosure – I’ve never seen the original Manga source material for this movie so I can’t comment on how closely this movie follows it.  But I’d heard the semi-robocop concept (a woman, near death, has her brain transplanted into an artificial body […]

Movie Review – Bright

Movie Review – Bright I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months.  Will Smith and Netflix are put together in a concept that is really up my alley.  A modern day police drama with orcs and elves and a dark lord returning?  Sign. Me. Up. I love to see […]

Psychology for Writers Workshops

Based on and adding to the Psychology Workbook for Writers, this workshop will spend time outlining how to use psychological theories to develop great characters and interesting conflict in your fiction. (Sign up to my newsletter as well and get a 25% discount.) To book or for more details, email […]


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